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Damin International wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

Date2018/9/20  SourceDamin FoodstuffZhangzhouCo.,Ltd.   Hits223
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During the Mid Autumn Festival, people reunite and enjoy the beauty of moon cakes. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018, Damin International, together with all the staff, wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

In order to let the staff feel the Chinese traditional festival atmosphere better, the company has carried on a series of arrangement specially to the company interior, everywhere is full of the festive atmosphere.


Panoramic view of executive building

Bright moon


Jade Hare

The Bobing is a traditional Mid-Autumn Festival activity in southern Fujian. This year, Damin's Bobing were very popular.. Starting in the evening of September 19, the company square echoes the crisp sound of dice impact and the laughter of employees when they win the prize. The prizes after the end of the festival also indicate a good harvest this year.


Are you ready for Bobing?

The above is the Mid-Autumn Festival activities of Damins people, if you find it interesting, quickly join our big team!