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Damin International has won the title of "Diamond Ji" partner of Wang Laoji

Date:2018/12/4  Source:Damin Foodstuff(Zhangzhou)Co.,Ltd.   Hits:104
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On November 29, the 190th Anniversary Innovation and Development Conference of Wang Laoji was held in Guangzhou, on the conference,they announcing the "1136" Development Strategic Plan.


One mission - to make the world more auspicious;

One vision - to build a world-class beverage brand;

Three business models - product management, capital operation, virtual win-win;

Six aspects of efforts - talent-oriented, scientific and technological support, cultural soul-shaping, fashion leadership, management victory, party building cohesion.

  The conference will make important releases for expanding business and laying out the field of plant functional drinks.

In addition to issuing new strategies, the conference also showcased Wang Laoji's new products, new cooperation and new initiatives.

On-site release of new products - Wang Laoji's cold tea and pure plant essence drink plant rhyme;

Seize customized tuyeres and launch Wang Laoji customized cans.

Sign a contract with Ali retailers to actively explore new retailers for the next city;

Announce the selection of CCTV National Brand Plan and conduct brand publicity in an all-round and global perspective.

Publishing Wang Laoji's Corporate Social Responsibility Report 190 to achieve sustainable development of enterprises;

To award awards to outstanding partners, Damin International has won the honorary title of "Diamond Ji" partner of Wang Laoji.

For 190 years, Wang Laoji has brought health to consumers and passed on Chinese auspicious culture to the world. Damin congratulates Wang Laoji on his brilliant achievements in 190. 

In the next 190 years, Damin will work hand in hand with Wang Laoji to create a splendid era and an international beverage enterprise.