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Goal and Performance Management in the New Era Our company successfully launched the micro-consulting project of improving the ability of target performance management in 2019.

Date:2018/12/7  Source:Damin Foodstuff(Zhangzhou)Co.,Ltd.   Hits:97
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In the era of Uka, how can enterprises adapt to such characteristics faster? Do you have goals or jobs first? How does the goal fit in with the task? How to treat the essence of performance management from the original perspective? How to solve the various problems on the road of performance management?

With the above problems, Damin launched the micro-consulting project of improving the ability of target performance management on December 02, 2018, and organized a two-day training of improving the ability of target performance management.

At the start-up meeting, Mr. Liu Song, Director of Human Resources Administration, made a speech, clearly pointing out the significance of the training, and announced that the project was officially launched. He hoped that the trainees could achieve "learning, consensus and creation" in the project and actively promote the smooth development of the project.

On behalf of the assistant Dr. Ou ou, the chairman of the board of directors, the trainees signed and read the book on the spot. The trainees promised to cherish the opportunity and strictly ask themselves to overcome all difficulties with the mentality of "fraternity and transcendence". They took the initiative to learn, strictly implemented the action plan after training and grew rapidly.

In the course of course training, the trainees participate fully, discuss actively and enthusiastically, analyze and summarize carefully, apply the knowledge taught by teachers to simulation practice, so as to better grasp the principles and methodologies of the course.

During the two-day course study, each small school actively interacted with the teacher in class and spoke enthusiastically. The third group led by director Ding Xiaoyong of the production center of the factory won the championship. Mr. Huang Shisong, president of operation, presented souvenirs to all members of the championship group.

Under your careful selection, each group selected the best representatives for two days. They are: Ms. Wu Jie, deputy director of R&D center in the first group; Dr. Pan Rihong, associate director of R&D center in the second group; Mr. Shihu, head of production center in the third group; Dr. Ou, assistant chairman of the fourth group; and Fifth group finance. Mr. Zheng Weilin, Director-General of the Ministry of Finance; Mr. Zhang Zhongliang, Manager of the Sixth Engineering Department. Mr. Huang Shisong, President of Operations, presented souvenirs to six outstanding students.

After the successful completion of the two-day course, six excellent students published what they had learned for two days. From the course study, they have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the goals and performance management in the new era. They will continue to learn and apply what they have learned in the follow-up work. They really want to put performance management into practice. The company's performance management will be more scientific and optimized. It is also hoped that performance management will become a more important mechanism in the company's development to help improve and develop the company's efficiency.

The success of this training means the successful start of the project, and also means that the company has taken a solid step on the road of performance management optimization.