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Damin is adhering to Mind Identifyis all the time, which is producing the healthy , natural tea products for consumers to enjoy, and creating a healthy lifestyle that people have been longing and returning to the nature.

The spirit of "benevolence, beyond" of is deeply embedded in every damin people,benevolence is a kind of responsibility, that is a social responsibility in which company, Industry, and country .Damin petmeate the detail of Our company’s development with benevolence, Daminhas set up a big family with the employee as the core, which pursue the same dream and the same goal; Damin’s customer and supplier, offered much valuable experience that made a great development; Damin’s counterparts, made the Industry with the energy and continuously motive powder, which promoted damin with a large growth.

Facing the  business opportunity maketing and challengement, every one of damin is keeping the Mentality of“beyond”all the times,continuously perfecting the intellectual property system, breaking through the technical bottleneck of many beverage corporation, developing new tea marketing. With more than ten years development, leading Damin people with continuously improve itself and developing.